What to do when getting Error 1402?


I believe some computer users may familiar with Error 1402, the detailed error message is: Error 1402 Could Not Open Key, this error usually show up when you are trying to install or uninstall the Microsoft office program on the computer, after getting this error, you will not be able to continue the installation or any other change action. But take it easy, there are solution available to help you cease the error in your Windows 98, XP or other millennium edition. For other common Windows error troubleshooting you can refer to this error Wikipedia . Read more ›


How to Remove Ask Toolbar Completely and Correctly with VilmaTech Guides


Ask Toolbar has been a troublesome application that always pops commercial ads. However, most of users thought it a malware or virus that can remove from neither browser nor computer. In fact, Ask Toolbar is not a real malware but a tough and mucking foistware that comes with freeware and from websites once you careless consent to install.

In many cases, users downloaded JAVA and installed it in computer which they need to support for some application. In the install wizard of JAVA, it showed you “we recommend installing FREE Browser Add-on from Ask”. If you ignored a check on the bottom and click Next button, you would install Ask Toolbar in your computer and browser in this way. Though it said you could remove this add-on easily at any time, you would find it was all nonsense if you tried to remove it later. What’s worse, it added other plug-ins in your browser and every time you updated JAVA it will prompt you to install a full installation that will change your homepage to search.ask.com. Read more ›