Microsoft claims games are stepping stones to success for HoloLens

The availability of Microsoft HolenLens is improved. Microsoft still focuses on its development functions. HoloLens still needs time to be a consumption for consumers. But developers attempt to have the video games on HoloLens placed on the agenda.Leila Martine, marketing director, said games are the stepping stones to success.


Martine mentioned while she was interviewed by that she was absent when the senior officers made such decision at Redmond. She felt embarrassed when they showed HoloLens at gaming exhibition as all the reporters only wanted to ask about games. Martine has a Western University project in hands, an excellent case, which has obtained 300,000 views on YouTube.

Though Microsoft always mentioned HoloLens is not a game platform, it did not deny the possibility of HoloLens offers games. Martine stated that developers can’t wait to make full use of opportunities that HoloLens brings in games.

“We have need of game developers, for one reason Unity is the core and mature means on games, for another reason, we still seek for developers who have never attempted in new fields.”

At present, the biggest obstacle for mainstream market to accept HoloLens is its expensive price. It costs $ 3,000, while Oculus Rift and HTC Vive cost under $ 1,000.

However, Martine added: “It is unlike other devices, the application of HoloLens don’t need a high performance computer. HoloLens is capable of independent application and has unique performance. It faces difficulty to be popularized in the market in a short time. Our team has made a huge of efforts to popularize it.”

HoloLens still failed to explore new consumer channels since its release last January.Microsoft revealed that it planned to cooperate with third party manufacturers to launch a series of inexpensive VR devices.

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