Crazy Black Friday in US: Buy a one-for-one iPhone X on Sprint

Too expensive to buy an iPhone X, now good news for consumers that you can get one free iPhone X in Sprint on Black Friday!

Crazy Black Friday in US: Buy a one-for-one of iPhone X on Sprint

The Latest News from US, Verity Wireless, an agent for Sprint, the us communications company, says that as long as new customers join Sprint, they can buy a one-for-one iPhone X of benefits from November 17 to November 27. This is an excessive feedback to the world, and get ready to get two in your Sprint account, maybe this is a business opportunity for you otherwise.

Black Friday is on the 24th of November of US this year, it means it only lefts two days before you can get a free iPhone X!


As everyone knows, iPhone X owns a 5.8 inch Retina HD quality screen in a full display, and its Photographic effects and endurance are also better than those of other Apple products, and the new design of face recognition (face ID) and glass fuselage is excellent. Currently, a number of authorities have said that iPhone X is the best invention of the year.

If you use a Sprint combo, you can also receive free phone call, and the phone bill is only half the monthly fee. But these offers can only be enjoyed at the Sprint store in the deputy of Verity Wireless.

Other users can get discounts at Best Buy, Target and other stores during black Friday. According to the results predicted by, a 64GB iPhone X may have the following discounts this year:

The $300 store gift card can be activated on instalments or can be purchased at $949.05 (the price is reduced for 5%), but there is no installment payment.

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