Uninstall NTI Backup Now EZ Completely
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NTI Backup Now EZ is a software that helps computer users completely back their system and files within. If you want to eliminate NTI Backup Now EZ from your PC, it’s definitely not enough to do it with its default uninstaller in control panel, because there will still be many leftovers like registry entries and keys on your hard drive taking your precious space. To ensure the complete removal of NTI Backup Now EZ, please follow steps below:

Part One: Uninstall NTI Backup Now EZ from Control Panel

1.If NTI Backup Now EZ is running on your PC, you may right-click it on your taskbar and select “exit” to close it.
2.Open Control Panel from Start menu, and click on “Uninstall a program”
3.You can find NTI Backup Now EZ in the list if it was correctly installed before. Double-click it to activate the default uninstaller.
4.When being asked “Do you want to complete remove the selected application and all of its features?”, click on “Yes” button to proceed.
5.When being asked “Do you want to keep your user settings?”, click on “No” button.
6.Wait for the removal to be finished within a couple of seconds.

Part Two: Uninstall Its Leftovers from Windows Registry

1.Start menu > Type “regedit” in the search box > Press Enter key

Now you have successfully opened the Registry, in case you mistakenly delete the wrong thing and your PC performance or some programs may end up with malfunction, we advise you to backup the Registry data first.

2.Click on “File” in the Registry window, and select “Export”
3.Choose wherever you want to save the data, and rename the backup if you like to
4.Then navigate the Registry editor through the left-side branch tree, and locate the related registry key
5.Right-click the folder and select “Delete”
6.Restart your computer

An Easier Solution to Remove NTI Backup Now EZ

1.Install and run Max Uninstaller
2.Select NTI Backup Now EZ in the list, and click on “Run Analysis”

3.When the scan is finished, click on “Complete Uninstall to proceed the default removal
4.After the removal is done, click on “Scan Leftovers” to find the registry entries to be deleted
5.Click on “Delete Leftovers” to complete the cleaning

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