RulesMgr.dll File Information – Fix RulesMgr.dll Missing Error
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Do you keep getting error messages on your computer that telling you the RulesMgr.dll file is missing? Do you confuse about what is RulesMgr.dll file and what does it do? Are you struggling to fix RulesMgr.dll error? If you have these question in mind and unanswered, please refer to the below information & instruction.

File information

File name: resmgr.dll
File version:
File MD: 5    887bc8623f35706616f2e87a7280f19f
File Size: 24,576
Manufacturer: Discreet, a division of Autodesk, Inc.
Product Name: 3ds max
File Description: discreet core resources

Resmgr.dll is a dll file which belongs to a program named 3DS MAX, it is not a system file, but it is able to cause you errors if the file is missing or broken.

How do I fix Resmgr.dll error

Download and replace a new copy of the resmgr.dll file should help you stop the error under normal circumstance, please follow and perform the below steps:

  • Google ‘download Resmgr.dll’ in your browser.
  • Pick a reputable website to download the dll file in your computer.
  • Place the downloaded dll file in the file location which mentioned in the above list.
  • If you are prompted that Resmgr.dll has already exist, click Overwrite.
  • Restart your computer.

You can visit this PC Wikipedia website for more information and error troubleshooting solutions about Resmgr.dll file

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