Remove Trojan.Viknok.b and RpcSs.dll File, Unwanted Audio Ads/Clips Cleanout
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Trojan.Viknok.b is a hazardous computer malware regarded as Trojan virus, which can corrupt system files such as RpcSs.dll and steal money from the infectious system. The Trojan.Viknok.b virus, is a Trojan horse virus that can download and install perilous adware on the targeted computer. The virus routine was developed by hijackers, a newly released malware over the cyber world aiming at stealing confidential information. The damage must be incredible. Once installed, the Trojan.Viknok.b virus will entice in more malware on the victimized computer in the background without any consent. It then will use the rundll32.exe and other Windows programs to accomplish its tricky installation. And the Trojan.Viknok.b virus can infiltrate on the targeted computer though drive-by downloads, as doing so can the Trojan.Viknok.b virus accomplish its installation without user’s knowledge. In addition, the Trojan.Viknok.b virus will download multiple setup.exe files of malicious malware so that network traffic on the infectious machine must be increased. What is more, the Trojan.Viknok.b virus can constantly exploit system vulnerabilities to open backdoor that allowing hijackers accessing to the victimized machine and stealing confidential information there. Therefore, you’d better remove the Trojan.Viknok.b virus as quick as possible in case of further damage. If you are not expert in dealing with Trojan.Viknok.b virus files and registry entries, you can use QiSupport Online PC Technology Support Services.

How to Remove Trojan.Viknok.b Virus from Infectious System

1. The first step is to uninstall the potentially unwanted program related with the Trojan.Viknok.b virus from the infectious machine. To accomplish this step, let’s start with accessing to control panel. Click the Start button and click Control Panel. For Windows 8 user must reveal out the Charm bar and search the control panel to open it.

2. According to the version of the Windows Operating System, you should choose corresponding option there. If you are using Windows XP, you need access to Add/Remove Programs; if you are using Window 7/Vista/8, you need to access to “Uninstall a Program.
3. After opening Uninstall a program or Add/remove programs, you need scroll down and find out the malicious program related with the Trojan.Viknok.b virus. Click Uninstall or Remove button.
4. In the next window, there are three options Modify, Repair, Remove. It is needed to click on Remove option and proceed to uninstall the objective program related with Trojan.Viknok.b virus. To delete all data of the hijack toolbar, select “Complete uninstall”. Click on Next button.

5. Next you just need follow on-screen wizard to get the Trojan.Viknok.b virus uninstalled from the infectious computer.
6. To incase of popping-up any error message or left files such as RpcSs.dll, you need clean the Trojan.Viknok.b virus left files completely. You need show hidden files first. And then go to the local disks by double clicking My Computer icon on the desktop.

7. After removing the Trojan.Viknok.b virus files, you still need remove its registry entries. By pressing Windows+ R together to reveal Run window, type regedit in Run window and hit enter key. Search the Trojan.Viknok.b virus and delete the below entries and other virus entries.
HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run “.exe”

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How to Remove Removal Guid, wrote by  Lucas Allwood.

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