Read it before installing SpeedBit Video Accelerator
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merely to discover later regular lag times getting YouTubes to begin, that never lagged previous to. That’s when I discovered:
You can’t completely uninstall it (search the web yourself, this is a common complaint about this Sppedbit)
Their unique site FAQ stated (as associated with todays date) the uninstall option is positioned in the Speedbit folder. Which is FALSE – no ununstall alternative is anywhere.

Simply placed, it does not increase the video. The popup window saying “Now Acclerating” pops up while watching a vimeo video. But the youtube video is constantly on the pause and wait. When i wrote to SpeedBit technology support for help and received no response.

The only method to watch YouTube would be to quit SBV in this taskbar. When I get yourself a chance I intended in order to uninstall it.

no matter how many times I put inside the search engine I want it seems to put its own back. not easily wiped its log file fades away.

Slowed my computer technique down, had a hardtime uninstalling the idea. Messed with my iObit Uninstaller and my registry. This kept looping me in Web browser while uninstalling (I work with Firefox). I had to close computer off to lessen it.

1. Couldn’t connect to the freakin’ internet for this reason program! The INSTANT I needed uninstalled it my internet worked again (thanks for the tip Jay! )
2. Is a startup software, and actually slowed my own computer by always operating via extra items – bloatware?
3. Didn’t work!!


Heck, the program may work just fine to suit your needs… but just keep it at the back of your mind when you test it out and your internet prevents working. I had this software installed for a great three weeks before my own laptop started acting upward.

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