Powerful tool to help you remove Avast! Premier 2014 effectively
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Have you ever trouble with uninstalling Avast! Premier 2014. Avast! is a pretty professional security program yet it is also an pain in the ass when comes to removal, some of its users find it hard to be removed completely, sometimes the default uninstaller even failed to work. Perhaps you are now having the same problem as I described, well, I want to tell you that, as long as you find this article, the problem will be no more but an easy to solved case.

For people with problem removing Avast! Premier 2014 or any other similar complex antivirus program, do not hesitate to download this tool – Max Uninstaller, this is by far the most effective and powerful Windows software uninstaller that I have ever used. Not only it will help you forcibly uninstall Avast! Premier 2014 program, but also clean up all the possible leftovers in the hard drive or registry. The process is pretty much user-friendly and automatic. Check out the steps below:

  • Visit MU official website to download and install the program
  • Open the program, select Avast!Premier 2014 in the list (make sure you’ve close this antivirus) and click Analysis button.
  • Click Complete Uninstall button after the analysis is done.
  • If you receive pop-up asking you to restart, click to restart.
  • Reopen Max Uninstaller after reboot, click Scan Leftover button
  • Click Delete Leftovers to remove all found files/folders/registry keys
  • Click OK in the pop-up and removal is done.

If you done the above steps correctly, Avast!Premier 2014 is definitely gone from your PC now. Cheers!

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