Officially storm the retail sector: AMD released 5GHz super processor
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Although we met the FX-959 a long time ago, but only in the OEM field, this time AMD is officially release it in the retail sector, the price is even more expensive than Intel. Recently AMD vice president of worldwide sales channels Roy Taylor tweeted a photo and said: “The new stuff is coming,” and then this so-called new stuff is exactly the re-packaging FX-9590, added with a packaging box, and standardized with a water-cooled radiator.

Specifications are consistent with the previous OEM field FX-9590, using 32nm process manufacturing, packaging interface AM3 +, manufacturing processes is 32nm, four modules eight cores design, three-level cache 8MB, the default frequency 4.7GHz, the highest dynamic speed 5GHz, support for DDR3-1866MHz dual channel memory, thermal design power 219W. Standardized water cooler price for $ 359, as a comparison, Intel i7-4790K price for only $ 340, but Intel’s radiator is originally radiator instead of water-cooled radiator.

About its performance, checking from several previous test results, it is almost sorted i7-3770K a tie, closing to the performance of i7-4770K, but relatively no can not thread the i7-4790K and more high-end Ivy Bridge-E. This product is expected to be launched in the China market in the future, yet the sales is depending to the consumer choice.

This new product of AMD seems to be correct, especially when the battle with NVIDIA on the top graphics market is hit, it’s time to cause a commotion in the CPU aspect, and may even lift Intel a bit, because rumors has that AMD keep staying low price for many years, and it can finally release a high-priced 5GHz processor. However, this CPU is not the highest one in the history of AMD processor pricing, in 2005 the Athlon 64 FX-57 (2.8 GHz) $ 1,031, overwhelmed the then top-level dual-core Intel Pentium XE 840 ($ 999).

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