How to Uninstall Internet Explorer 11 browser on Windows 8 system
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Many people think that the latest version is better than the old one, of course, regardless of response speed or processing speed Internet Explorer 11 have been optimized, but also accompanied by small parts of BUG, which is its compatibility.
Like all the limited task measurement, requiring user must complete with IE browser and not supports IE 11.

This time we need to reduce the Internet Explorer version, it is possible to install a lower version and directly replace it? Let’s try to run Internet Explorer 10 program:
Program shows “Internet Explorer 10 already installed on this system” can not be installed.

Since we can not cover the installation directly, then we need to uninstall the current version of Internet Explorer. Find the “Control Panel” – “Programs” – “Programs and Features” in the left side we click “Enable or off the Windows features” option, and Windows functions will pops up.

Here we find Internet Explorer, click on the pop-up prompts, click to continue.

Back to the “Windows Features” screen, click OK, the system begins operation to complete the application request and require a reboot to take effect.

This time we see the system does not have Internet Explorer program, then is it possible for us to install Internet Explorer 10? Try again. System still still prompts “Internet Explorer 10 already installed on this system”. What happened?

Open the Internet Explorer installation path C: \ Program Files \ Internet Explorer, where we can see the Internet Explorer installation files still there, just without the Internet Explorer.exe running program.

How do we do next? Uninstall the upgrade patch.
So how do we know what the patch is it? Here we can find from the browser. Before uninstalling we first open the browser, see the “About Internet Explorer”, where we can see the current update version number, remember it.

Now back to the “Control Panel” – “Programs” – “Programs and Features” screen, on the left side find the “View installed updates”, click it, we can see a lot of updates for Microsoft Windows.

First see “About Internet Explorer”, we can find it based on the updated version number. Right-click to uninstall, select restart, OK.

After uninstalling the IE 11, do remember to clean the registry information so that we can completely get rid of IE 11.

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