How to Throughly Uninstall Facebook Friends Checker
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Facebook friends checker is a freeware, it provides function that allows you to find out who is no longer friends with you on facebook since the last time checked. Although this tool is pretty fun and convenient, it can also be useless for some people, if you accidentally installed this freeware and don’t want to keep it inside your computer, you can follow the below uninstall instruction to remove it.

Uninstall through Add/Remove program

Normally you can go to use Add/Remove program of Windows to activate the default uninstaller of Facebook friends checker, see the steps:

  • Click Start button, click on Control Panel.
  • Click Add/Remove program.
  • Locate Facebook friends checker and click the Remove button on the right side.
  • Upon clicking the Remove button, the default uninstaller of Facebook friends checker will be activated as a wizard.
  • Follow the instruction on the wizard to continue the removal.
  • After the removal is done, restart your computer for once.

Uninstall Facebook friends checker with professional uninstaller

If the normal procedure does not work for you (you encounter errors during the removal, or can not find the program name in Control Panel), here is a quicker and easier solution, which is applying third party professional uninstaller tool like Max Uninstaller, it will help you uninstall Facebook friends checker automatically, and most important, it is able to find out and remove all the program leftovers that the default uninstaller can’t. You can download the uninstaller here, and then follow the below instruction to get this thing off your PC completely:


  • First install Max Uninstaller in your computer.
  • Launch the uninstaller, click Facebook friends checker in program list and click ‘Run Analysis’.
  • Click ‘Complete Uninstall’to start the default removal.
  • Once the default removal is finished, click ‘Scan Leftovers’ button allow Max Uninstaller to scan over your computer and find out all the remains of Facebook friends checker.
  • Click ‘Delete Leftovers’ button to remove all found leftovers
  • Click OK in the pop-up message to finish the removal.

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