How to Remove PortalMore Pop-up Ads Effectively(Malware Removal Tips)
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PortalMore Adware could infect the targeted computer by being bundled with other software like those popular third-party software, as long as the users downloaded this kind of bundled software, PortalMore would find a way to install into the computer without permission. Once PortalMore successfully got into the targeted system, it would have the opportunity to distribute nonstop pop-up ads in the computer so as to draw users’ attention with those attractive content and deals. If the users fell for those temptations and clicked on the PortalMore pop-ups, they would be transferred to deceptive websites and get defrauded without knowing. Have to know the PortalMore is actually the accomplice for those evil cybercriminals who set up those traps for the users so as to get more money from them. PortalMore was responsible for leading the users to those specified sites so it could make profits as well. Users have to protect their legal rights and remove PortalMore adware without hesitation. You can refer to the profession guide during the removal process.

1. Remove PortalMore Adware from Control Panel

1) End the PortalMore related processes in the system background.
Open the System Task Manager by pressing Ctrl+Shift+Esc keys at the same time, under the Processes tab, find out all the running processes of PortalMore adware from the list then disable them without hesitation.

2) Remove PortalMore adware from the programs list.
Click on Start icon then click on Control Panel, click on Uninstall a Program link then go to find out the PortalMore adware from the list, select it then click on the Uninstall button and follow the uninstall wizard till finished.

2. Get Rid of PortalMore from Browser Extensions list

Internet Explorer

Click on Tools-> click on Manage Add-ons-> select PortalMore related items from the list-> right-click on them-> click on Disable.

Mozilla Firefox

Click on Firefox button-> click on Add-ons-> find out PortalMore adware from the list-> click on Remove button.

Google Chrome

Click on Chrome wrench icon-> locate Tools-> click on Extensions-> search for all the related items of PortalMore adware from the list-> click on bin icon to delete them.

3. Remove the Remaining Files of PortalMore Adware

1) Modify the Folder Options Settings.
Open Control Panel then click on Appearance and Personalization, find and click on Folder Options from the displayed window. In the displayed window, click on View tab, select the “Show hidden files and folders” then remove the check mark from the “Hide protected operating system files(Recommended)”, save the settings.

2) Delete the files and folders of PortalMore adware from the computer.

PortalMore could cause more trouble for the infected computer so users have to stop it in time otherwise things would get worse and worse. In order to prevent malware infections effectively, users could always download the needful software from official websites just in case to mistakenly downloaded malicious bundled software. Moreover, users should remember to detect the new downloaded software before using them. If you need more help to deal with malicious virus in the future, welcome to make a contact with the QiSupport Experts and get help there.

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