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Ask Toolbar has been a troublesome application that always pops commercial ads. However, most of users thought it a malware or virus that can remove from neither browser nor computer. In fact, Ask Toolbar is not a real malware but a tough and mucking foistware that comes with freeware and from websites once you careless consent to install.

In many cases, users downloaded JAVA and installed it in computer which they need to support for some application. In the install wizard of JAVA, it showed you “we recommend installing FREE Browser Add-on from Ask”. If you ignored a check on the bottom and click Next button, you would install Ask Toolbar in your computer and browser in this way. Though it said you could remove this add-on easily at any time, you would find it was all nonsense if you tried to remove it later. What’s worse, it added other plug-ins in your browser and every time you updated JAVA it will prompt you to install a full installation that will change your homepage to Besides, it also popped up commercial ads from time to time. After you have knowledge that it is not a useful or friendly application, it is late to deal with the terrible toolbar, for you may not be able to find it in Control Panel. Even if you kill the process in Task manager, once you reboot your computer after a while you would find that it is slow to open your browser. For it is compatible with IE, Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox, it is even difficult to remove it with a Disable or Remove button.
ask toolbar
Please follow the steps below:
1. Remove Ask Toolbar from Control Panel.
Open Control Panel, choose Programs and Features/Uninstall a program. Select Ask Toolbar and Uninstall it. Follow the uninstall wizard and click OK to finish.
(If this step can’t work, download its utility tool at

2. Remove Ask Toolbar from Firefox and reset browser.
Click on Firefox button and choose Add-ons. In Extensions tab select Ask Toolbar, Disable and Remove it. Close the window and open Firefox menu again and choose Options in options menu. In General tab, change and homepage address. Close the window and back to Firefox search blank, open the dropped menu and choose Manage search engines. Remove Ask Search and select another engine.

3. Remove Ask Toolbar from IE and reset browser.
Click on tool icon on the right top, choose Manage Add-ons. Click on Toolbar and extensions, select Ask Toolbar and its components and click Disable. Click on Search provider to remove Ask Search and choose a search engine you want. Close previous window and click on tool icon again and choose Internet Options. In General tab, change a homepage as you like.
If this step can’t work, it is better to go to Control Panel and remove the Bandoo programs at first.

4. Remove Ask Toolbar from Chrome and reset browser.
Click on customized menu at the top right and choose Settings. Choose Extensions and remove Ask Toolbar, if it showed this extension can’t be removed, ignore it temporarily. Choose Settings, click on Set pages, Change in blue to remove and add a new homepage. Then click Manage Search engines below, remove Ask Search and choose another search engine.

5. Kill the processes related to Ask Toolbar.
Open Task Manager, and End/Disable the processes related to Ask Toolbar.

6. Remove the leftovers.
Find out the related files and delete them. Empty Recycling bin and reboot computer.

In case of uninstalling trouble of Ask Toolbar which is considered as a toughly unwanted application, users should keep careful in freeware installation message. Never check to install Ask Toolbar if there is an option. Once you checked by mistake, follow the above steps. Attention that even Ask Toolbar is not a malicious virus it does harm to computer performance.

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