How to keep the driver of your computer updated
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Drivers are very important components of a Windows computer, many computer hardware/software need proper drives to function properly, and updated drivers can ensure each related components run much more stable and optimized. So how to keep your computer drivers up-to-date is a seriously important task that every computer users should master. This task is so important and yet very easy to do, all you need is to follow the below instructions

  • Open the Device Manager. To do this, press the Windows + Pause/break key to open System Properties and click on the Device Manager link.


  • OCheck your devices for driver conflict signs (if any) and check the driver versions by right-clicking on the device and going to Properties
  • OGo to the manufacturers’ website and download the latest drivers for your devices
  • OIn the Device Manager, right-click on the device you want to update and click Update Driver Software


  • OSpecify that you will install the update from your hard drive (or search automatically)
  • OBrowse to the driver update file (.inf file) and click on Open
  • OWhen finished, reboot your computer.

OK, beside drivers, you also need to keep you software up-to-date, especially security software as it is the essential factor to keep your computer safe from threats. Luckily most of the software nowadays can detect for updates automatically, or you can do it manually by check for updates in the Help menu.


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