How to delete uninstalled software icon which still shown on the taskbar
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Typically there will be some residual information remain in the system or the registry after uninstall the software, many users usually ignore these problems, resulting in a background process is still running, taking up system resources and affecting system speed. In many cases, the custom icon in the taskbar window will leave traces of previous software, for example, I have uninstalled the driver wizard, but the toolbar still have the driver wizard icon. This article is to teach you how to delete these remain icons. The most basic way is to right-click the program you’ve deleted or uninstalled — ” unlock this program from taskbar” and then delete the shortcut. If this way is not worked, then you can try the following method.

Tools / materials:

A computer.

Methods / steps

1. First, use Windows + R to open the [Run], type regedit, and press Enter;

2. On the right side open in order:


3. If you do not find the last step directory, find

[HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\Local Settings\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\TrayNotify];

4. We can see there are two registry entries named [IconStreams] and [PastIconsStream], delete them.

5. Right-click on the taskbar to open the [Task Manager], locate [explorer.exe] in the [process] tab, end this process;

6. Do not hurry to turn off the Task Manager, click on [File] [New Task], enter explorer, press Enter(If you’ve turned off the task manager, then use ctrl + alt + delete to open it again).

7. At this time you can switch to the notification area icon to see whether the uninstalled software icon is gone?

Still, I suggest PC user to download an uninstaller, usually after the software is uninstalled, we can customarily clean up the computer junks, make sure to completely uninstall the unwanted programs, because uninstallers are not only able to completely uninstall software and remove residual rubbish, but also clean the registry junk, make sure the computer performance and speed is in the best state.

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