How to Create and Configure Storage Space In Windows 8, What Is Storage Space
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Storage Space provides with feature that controlling group drivers for your computer in a storage pool, as doing so can computer drivers be seen by operating system as on large hard drive. In addition, the feature of Storage Space also allows computer users to automatically check all data separately located as different disks at once. In brief, Storage Space is virtual drives that appear in Windows Explorer, which is a new Windows utility that allows you to connect multiple data storage devices to your PC and treat them as a single giant storehouse dubbed your “storage pool.” This post will guide Windows 8 users to create Storage Space for their computers.

How to Create a New Storage Space Pool

1. The first thing is to access to storage space interface first. For Windows 8, press Windows key+ X together. And then you can search storage spaces in search box. You then just need click Storage Space on the left bar.

2. Reach the Storage Spaces control panel. Click on the Create a new pool and storage space link on the left side. Refer to the below screenshot.

3. From the pop-up page, you can select the drivers that you wish to add to a storage pool. You can check them ( Just put a check mark next to each drive you wish to use for the new pool). After that, just need click on the Create pool button.

4. From pop-up page, type in a name and select drive letter, resiliency type, and size you want for the storage space. Click on the Create Storage Space button.

5. A new storage pool of storage spaces reveals out now. Now you need to configure the storage space so that all of the space that was just added. Click Change settings button and Storage Space’s properties screen may show on. Locate at the labeled Storage space size and click on change the amount to the number reflected in the Total pool capacity row. Then click on the Change storage space button. Your Simple storage space will now be using all of the space available on all the drives in the storage pool you just created.

Tips: To create a new pool, first make sure that all of the storage devices you want to show on space storage are currently connected to your PC. By using such storage space you can be capable of connecting the added drivers there to another Windows 8 computer.

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