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Where Does Come from?

remove appears as a search engine and so it is one of the web applications. It can be thus inferred that comes from the Internet, and the fact is so. Usually, most PC users do not know when the web application installs into the machine, just recall what you did before its harassment:

  1. Did you install third party program with “recommend” method.
  2. Did you click on some random pop-up ads offering some coupons or promoting attractive products?
  3. Did you visit some prohibited web sites?
  4. Did you update installed programs and monitor websites?


 What Is is actually classified as a browser hijacker. Not as what most victims think, is not a virus at all. This is why installed anti-virus programs won’t help remove it when it is:

  1. Hijacking homepage.
  2. Replacing default search engine.
  3. Dragging down page-loading speed.
  4. Triggering additional ads on the screen and browsers. Should be Removed

Though is not virus, it is recommended by senior technician from Qisupport Online Support to remove the browser hijacker as soon as possible before it is taken advantage of by other infections to:

  1. Record log-in credential and other confidential information.
  2. Preload vicious codes into system configuration to ensure permanent settlement.
  3. Put up unsolicited access from remote third-party for direct control.


Details adopts BHO, JS and backdoor techniques to help with aggressive and effective promotion.

–    With BHO technique, will be preloaded into system configuration to enable automatic start at each Windows start.

–    With JS technique, manages to control searching directions as a whole to direct traffic at its will.

–    With backdoor program, the collection of browsing history will be uploaded to its remote server for its creator to figure out better and more effective promotional strategy

Once the techniques are utilized by virus, it will lead to identity theft and information loss. Unfortunately that the techniques can be taken advantage by virus easily. follows the same working mechanism as and many other browser hijackers, which means that doesn’t deserve refined work and indicates that it is easy to create another browser hijacker. Therefore, bug will be easily found. As keeps expanding its target scope, it becomes more of a favorable item for virus maker. Therefore, removing before it brings in additional virus is recommended. Follow the instruction below to help yourself. Should you have questions or run into difficulties, please feel free to start a live chat here for exclusive help.

Manual Way to Remove

1. Remove the extensions created on the day when was firstly detected and restore homepage.

Internet Explorer
Click on IE’s Tools menu and select “Manage add-ons”; go to ‘Toolbars and Extensions’ and ‘Search Providers’ respectively to remove the extensions related to; then select “Internet Options” from Tools menu and type desirable homepage URL under General tab.

remove  from IE

Mozilla Firefox
Click on Firefox’s Tools menu; then go to  ‘Extension’ and ‘Plugins’ respectively to remove the extensions related to; navigate to Options from Tools menu to type desirable homepage URL under General tab.

remove  from Firefox

Google Chrome
Hit on spanner icon to select  “Tools”;  go to ‘Extensions’ to remove the extensions related to; then select “Settings” from the spanner icon menu to type desirable homepage URL in “Open this page” under ‘Home Page’.

remove  from Chrome

Hit Opera’s menu to choose Extensions for Manage Extensions; remove the extensions related to; then choose “Settings” from Opera’s menu to click on Preference and navigate to General tab; type desirable homepage URL in “Home Page”.

remove  from Opera

Expand Safari’s menu and choose Preferences to go to its extensions tab; remove the extensions related to; then navigate to General tab and enter your desirable homepage URL in “Homepage”.

remove  from Safari


2. Show hidden items to remove the ones related to

Windows 8
Open Windows Explorer to go to its View tab; tick ‘File name extensions’ and ‘Hidden items’ options.

Windows 7/XP/Vista
Access  ‘Control Panel’ and click open ‘Folder Options’; tap View tab to  tick ‘Show hidden files and folders’ and non-tick ‘Hide protected operating system files (Recommended)’.
Navigate to the following directories and remove the ones generated on the day when firstly appeared:




C:\Users\[user name]\AppData\Local\Temp\


C:\users\[username]\appdata\locallow\the item triggered by


Mac OS X
Click on Finder launchpad icon and click open Utilities thereafter to access terminal; paste“defaults write AppleShowAllFiles YES” to the flashing line and press on return button.

finder launchpad

Navigate to the following directories and remove the ones generated on the day when firstly appeared:




library folder in your home folder is actually created to help with product promotion. By hijacking browsers and intercepting traffic from one computer, it is capable of getting income by directing traffic to other sites owned by operators it has cooperative ties with and by attracting advertising. However, due to its loose structure and the techniques it adopts, can bring in additional affections. Therefore, it is advisable to remove it as soon as possible. Be noted that the above steps are exclusively applicable to To remove the affection(s) thereby, one could visit Qisupport virus reservoir for corresponding solution; or start a live chat for specialized technical help.

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