Fix the Gateway Driver Failure, Solve the Network Connection Problem
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There are a mass of computer users are often bothered by the network connection problems, when encountered the connection timeout and connection failure, they have no way to detect detect and troubleshoot the problems timely and correctly, resulting in being anxious but unable to do anything about it. Especially, when the problem was on the gateway or other associated apparatus, the computer users might be not able to fix it effectively. Have to know, only when the gateway IP address was set properly, the TCP/IP(Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol) protocol could realize the communication between different networks successfully. In most cases, users would encounter such a problem that the gateway IP address could not be connected by using the Ping command. Because the gateway could be used in both the LAN and the WAN, and different factors could cause the same result as well, so users have to troubleshoot the network connection problems one by one, finding the main cause of the current situation and suit the remedy to it.

Users could test the physical properties of the associated devices first, such as the network cable or the switch port, meanwhile, check out the gateway monitor detailed information in the computer, just in order to nail down the scope of the gateway failure problems. Sometimes, if the network cable was damaged or a short circuit occurred, it would lead to a series of network cable connection problems. Moreover, the connectivity of the switch port is also very important, computer users could check whether the indicator lights on the current used ports were on or not, then ensure the connection type is correct. if the situations mentioned above were ruled out, users could focus on the gateway driver. Check the gateway driver status information to confirm if it has been damaged or lost, then reinstall or update the available gateway driver into the computer by referring to the professional guide and test the network connectivity again.

1. Look over the Gateway Driver Information

1) Click on the Start icon then click on the Control Panel to open it.
2) Find and click on the System and Security links.
3) Under the Programs headline, click on the Device Manager to open it.

4) In the displayed devices list, find out the gateway monitor then check out the information in the Properties label.

2. Download the Appropriate Gateway Driver

Most of the device manufacturers would provide the different versions of the driver software on the official websites, users could access to the website and download the appropriate driver freely, and store it into the computer.

3. Update the Gateway Driver Manually

1. Open the Device Manager.
2. Locate the gateway related device then right-click on it, click on the Update Driver Software option from the menu.

3. Search for the downloaded gateway driver according to the storage path, then install it by following the wizard.

Even the gateway update process was not that difficult for most of the computer users, it is still complex for them to troubleshoot the failure problems in the first place. For this case, users should make a contact with some experienced PC experts and ask for help, just in order to learn the analysis methods and solve the problems as soon as possible.

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