13-year-old American girl may become the first person landing on Mars
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Alyssa Carson, A 13-year-old girl from State of Louisiana, US, wants to become the first person landing on Mars and is now preparing for that. She is the only one that participated all the three times of the World’s Space Summer Camp held by the American Space Agency. She has been receiving astronaut training for 9 years, and has decided to make herself the first one landing on Mars.

During the BBC interview, she explained the reason she wants to go to Mars: “Because it’s a place that nobody has ever been. I also considered to develop another career, but being astronaut always comes first. ” Carson is proficient in Spanish, French and Chinese. She recorded the American astronaut activities she took part in on Twitter, and those words are inspiring other kids to archive their goals.

She said: “I don’t want any obstacle in my way to Mars, and I’ll never give up.” The American Space Agency is seriously considering her application. Paul Foreman of the Agent said: “She is at the best age to become an astronaut going to Mars. Her choice is indeed correct. The girl is under regular training on her way to a true astronaut.”

Carson’s father said he has already discussed the mission of landing on mars with his daughter, in which they talked about the possibility that she might not be able to be back on earth. “In the following 20 years, we will prepare ourselves well, and she is working hard and considering to participate the Mars mission in 2033. After 20 years, I may not see her returning, but she still insists on going to Mars even facing the problem we’ve discussed before.” The father said.

Let’s wish this girl luck, may she is successfully trained as a qualified astronaut and never come across any unwanted trouble.

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