Android 5.0 Face Unlock finally available
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Beginning from Android 4.0, the face recognition unlock function has been introduced, but honestly, it’s really not very easy to use, slow identify, poor accuracy, it’s just seems to have a lot of fun, but I don’t think there are many people really have to use it.
And now, Android 5.0 introduces a “trusted face”, which is finally…… kind of acceptable.
As always, once you open the face unlock pattern, you need to stare at the phone front camera for a few seconds, and then in the bottom of the lock screen, you’ll see a little manlike circular mark, which is represents the phone is recognizing your face, It’s no longer need your whole face to be displayed on the screen for recognization as before. After the phone recognized you, you will automatically unlock …… Wait, hold on.
This is the key difference here, actually Face Unlock now can not fully unlocked your phone, it’s just an additional security measure, after identification is passed, you will be AGAIN faced with, the screens of traditional slide to unlock, password unlock pattern to unlock- specifically depend on your security settings.
This is because, Google considers Face Unlock is less secure, at least less secure than the traditional way, thus it can not entirely set as a security lock mode, it can only be a secondary.
But fortunately now Android 5.0 face recognition has greatly improved, it can identify you almost from all angles in less than a second of time.
Start from Android 4.2 version, the tablet had a multi-user functionality, but the phone is still flat, be thrilled now, Android 5.0 can guarantees you no longer afraid of privacy exposure when you lending your cell phone to others.


The greatest benefit of Face Unlock  is to save time, compared with entering passcode, the actual speed of face recognition is way more quickly, so it is still quite worth trying.

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