Amazon eBook service Kindle Unlimited was resisted by writers
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Last year, the French publishing giant Hachette had a fight with Amazon for the issue of e-book sales, causing mainstream writers have launched an attack to Amazon. Today, the self-publishing writers began to have dissatisfaction for the Amazon’s new e-book service Kindle Unlimited.

Amazon Kindle Unlimited is a new subscription service, providing users with a one-stop package subscription service. Users can read 700,000 books, including writers self-publishing e-books and e-books published by traditional booksellers by paying only $ 9.99 per month.

The service may bring Amazon more readers, but writers have said that this led to their income has shrunk dramatically. In interviews and posts in the forum, writers expressed their dissatisfaction.

E-business consultant Bob Meyer said: “Six months ago, many people quit their daily work thought that writing can become their own career, but today, they had to return to prostitution things. Things changed so fast. ”

In the past few years, the rapid developed romance and mystery novels had entered into a golden age. In addition, fiction’s prosperity appeared since the post-war. Today, the e-book market is facing a oversupply dilemma.

In 2010, the eBook number of Amazon Kindle e-book library is only 600,000, and today the number has up to more than 300 million. The eBook number of Self-published e-book distributor Smashwords also increased by 20% last year. Free eBooks number grew by one-third.

Research institutions BookStats data show that in 2012 global e-book revenue grew by nearly 50%, while in 2013 and 2012 revenue was essentially flat, about $ 3 billion. Some writers believe that it is the Amazon Kindle Unlimited that further deteriorate this situation.

Another major focus of debate is: Kindle Unlimited requires self-published writers to sell their e-books works only on Kindle Unlimited, so that writers works can not be sold on Apple’s electronics, Barnes & Noble, or other platforms book.

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