Ulysses and Sequel App Updates

Ulysses 35: New Internal Linking and History Browsing Features

The venerable Markdown authoring tool Ulysses recently rolled out an update to version 35. But the pace of Ulysses updates has slowed down a lot in recent times, with basic features like internal linking and history browsing finally rolling out in mid-2024. Now that it’s been polished for so long, let’s take a look at how well Ulysses has done with these two features.

As a writing tool that also manages document libraries, the need for internal linking goes without saying, and the internal linking feature in Ulysses is a bit different from the double-linking feature found in other note-taking tools. First of all, when adding internal links in Ulysses, you can be precise to the subheading, which is much better than most of the note tools that can only link to the notes; secondly, when adding internal links, Ulysses provides auto-completion, that is to say, when you type a keyword in the input field of the link, Ulysses will find the subheading that meets the requirements in all the documents of the library, which is a killer experience; and thirdly, when adding internal links, Ulysses provides auto-completion. This experience can be said to be the existence of a killer; Finally, Ulysses’s internal linking function can not make the cited subheading to show the source of the reference, which is the biggest difference between it and the double-link function, I do not know whether Ulysses will be added to the later part of this feature. Ulysses’ internal links can also be inserted into other software as callback links, making it possible to quickly call up Ulysses content anywhere, anytime, and anyplace. By tapping the left and right arrows, we can jump back and forth between recently viewed articles. On iOS, we need to tap the three-dot button in the upper right corner of the document and select Back or Forward to jump, which is a bit cumbersome. Ulysses is available for free from the App Store.

Sequel 2.3: AI Project Scanning, Quick Commands for Efficiency

In the age of AI, multimedia subscription app Sequel is not exempt from introducing AI features. However, instead of applying AI to content related recommendations, it focuses on improving the efficiency and breadth of content subscription.

Sequel 2.3’s new “Magic lookup” feature is not something you’ll see in the app itself. When a webpage, article or post you read in a third-party app involves content from a movie, TV show or game you’re interested in, you can share the link to Sequel via the system’s share button, and Sequel will analyze its content with the help of an AI engine to identify and display the referenced media item. Previously, you had to manually add the content you were interested in one by one by searching for titles, but now you can batch match all the items with the Magic lookup function, so you can easily save the content you want to Sequel with one click.

To enhance efficiency, Sequel 2.3 provides a variety of shortcut operations and filtering options. In addition to the basic add items and category storage, the new version also provides 19 shortcut commands such as favorite operation, quick jump, category search, etc., so you can customize them as you need to optimize media management.

Version 2.3 also adds Markdown support for personal notes. Instead of the previous layout-less plain text, you can now use quotes to refer to book chapters, use subheadings to refine movie and TV reviews, or use to-do entries to record game tips. You can also introduce external links to make it easy to check for related information at any time.

In addition, the platform correlation, which was a problem in the last recommendation, has been fixed and optimized in the latest version, and the app basically supports mainstream overseas streaming platforms and can automatically match according to the subscription country and region.Sequel is also adapted to the visionOS platform, so if you have pre-ordered the Apple Vision Pro, you can take it for a test drive when you get it. New features like Magic lookup are only available with a Sequel+ subscription!

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