App Uninstaller Review

App Uninstaller, a Texas-based startup developing software to automate thorough app removal for macOS devices, is announcing the latest release App Uninstaller 2023, which will consolidate it as the best app removal utility in the industry, as well as a must-have utility for everyone using macOS devices on a daily basis, serving tens of thousands of users across the globe.​

App Uninstaller is the essential toolkit for macOS devices

As a macOS user, you’ll need to clean up clutters taking up precious disk space, especially the unused and unwanted apps as well as the leftovers of these apps, in an effort to free up disk space and improve device performance, which can become slower and slower if your disk space is used up. You’ll need to fix errors preventing you from installing or upgrading apps, due to incomplete uninstallation. App Uninstaller has been built to remove the unwanted app and leftovers completely, as well as fixing these annoying errors that cause you a lot of time to troubleshoot and fix from time to time.​

Lightweight and no clutter

The performance of App Uninstaller has been continuously polishing and improving for years, and with the mission to be the state-of-art macOS app remover, App Uninstaller team has built it for better speed and stability at every major update. It is very lightweight to run smoothly, and the new App Uninstaller is able to run on most macOS devices, even the older macOS devices with out-of-the-date hardware specifications. The better stability has ensured a seamless workflow with less interruption, fewer crashes or freezes. It outperforms other competitors in every aspect you can experience. During our test of using App Uninstaller to remove 1,000 popular apps, including Adobe products and Autodesk products, AU is running stable without bogging down our lab’s Mac or causing any freeze. It is really intuitive and you’ll never feel overwhelmed in any way, and the modern-feeling user interface allows you to complete the job in joyful fashion.​

The best-in-class app removal capability

With the undeniable core advantages, App Uninstaller is the best utility money can buy. It is the app removal tool market leader who has beaten other competitors and topped the lab testing charts and received awards from renowned sources for years, garnering altime-high scores for every test. And it has also been the Editor’s choices for countless years, making it one of the useful and essential tools for macOS devices. That is, it is the macOS app that every Mac user should have. App Uninstaller can effectively and thoroughly remove everything of the unwanted app, leaving no clutter behind.​

Machine learning technology growing and improving

The new version App Uninstaller has also equipped with machine learning capability to detect new installed apps in real-time fashion, empowering App Uninstaller to thoroughly remove every item that the unwanted app installs or puts on your device. The proprietary engine is well suited to get rid of any new app without any hassle. And the more you use App Uninstaller, the better removal capability it’ll become.

Affordable price and one-time fee for everyone

Unlike most of the vendors charging you a fee monthly or yearly to use their apps, App Uninstaller allows you to purchase once, and then is owned by you for ever. That means App Uninstaller licenses are perpetual, and you can receive updates or upgrades without any further charges. The reason why App Uninstaller won us over is not only its awesome and powerful app removal capability, but also the most affordable price-to-performance ratio and one-time billing fee. In conclusion, App Uninstaller is cheap, affordable and powerful for everyone to use on a daily basis, and we’re recommending it for your macOS device maintenance.​

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