Having Trouble in Uninstalling Evernote for Mac (or Deleting Evernote Account)? Get Help Here

Evernote is a popular note-taking tool that receives many positive reviews, but if you find it is not what you want after a trial, you may feel the need to uninstall Evernote and delete your account. This post will show you how to completely remove Evernote and all your data on a Mac. Read on if you are interested.

Learn the proper steps to totally remove Evernote on mac:

To uninstall Evernote for Mac, you should first deactivate this app if it is running.

  • Right click on Evernote icon and choose Quit to shut down the app.
  • In the pop-up window, uncheck the checkbox and click Quit to kill Evernote Helper.
  • If necessary, launch Activity Monitor and check if any associated process still run on the background. You can force quit Evernote by this way if the app stops responding.

To uninstall Evernote from macOS/Mac OS X, you have two available options.

1.Trash Evernote app in Finder

  • Open up Finder, head to the Applications folder, and locate Evernote there.
  • Right click on Evernote and choose Move to Trash option. Alternatively you can drag Evernote icon into the Trash icon and drop it there to perform the deletion.
  • Empty the Trash to permanently delete Evernote app in the Trash.

Most third party apps including Evernote can be easily removed by this way.

2. Delete Evernote in Launchpad

  • Click Launchpad icon in Dock, and type Evernote in the search box.
  • Press and hold ALT key until all apps in Launchpad start to jiggle.
  • Click X appearing in the upper left corner of Evernote icon, and click Delete button.

If you install Evernote via Mac App Store, you can adopt this uninstall method.

Though Evernote for Mac has been deleted from Mac, it does not mean you have completely remove all its components. To verify the remnants, you can use the Search feature in Finder for haunting down files that contains Evernote in the names.

For instance, head to the hidden ~Library directory, and type Evernote in the search box. Then click Library below to display any matched items in this specific folder.

For the details about how to fully detect Evernote leftovers, see this page.

Extra tip: how to deactivate/delete your Evernote account?

Before deactivating your Evernote account, you may consider to export the note files first, and then delete the content linked to your account. Here’s how to delete notes:

On Mac, you need to first delete notes/notebooks in Evernote (right-click on items and select Delete Note/Notebook), and then empty the deleted notes/notebooks from the Trash (right-click on Trash and select Empty Trash). After that, the data will be removed from all devices when you sync Evernote on that device next time.

To deactivate your account, log into the Evernote account through a web browser, head to Settings, and click the “Deactivate your Evernote account” link. Check the ‘Yes’ checkbox, and click Deactivate Account button. Then you will be logged out, and your account will not be usable until you reactivate it again.

To permanently delete your account (remove your email address and username on Evernote servers), firstly you need to submit a ticket using the account you wish to deactivate, and the support team will email you asking to confirm the deletion. Do as they suggest and you will be informed that “your Evernote account linked to the email address redacted is now closed and your credentials have been removed”.

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