Quick and Cheap Fixes to Try When Your Computer is in Trouble (Part 2)


Malware is short for malicious software, which is a typical computer threat designed by the hacker to invade personal computer to damage the system and collect & steal information. Malware usually hides in sneaky Web sites and claim themselves as useful or reputable free program, so some of the people download and install them unwittingly. Malware is often the reason that cause various system errors and performance issue. Another problem of malware program is that, they usually comes no uninstall option so that you can not uninstall them by using normal means, well that’s why you need a malware removal programs. Read more ›

Be Aware! FBI Fake Scam Virus


FBI virus is firstly reported by YooSecurity as fake lock screen virus and malware. FBI and IC3 have confirmed virus is a typical malware which spreads across the internet very fast. YooSecurity firstly reported this FBI virus on June 14, 2012, and it has been various variants by targeting different states in the US, Canada and Austria. This malware usually infects unprotected computer easily without users notice and disguise itself as ‘The FBI Federal Bureau Investigation’, and then creates fake alert informing the computer user that they violated the Copyright – related law, so their computer has been locked by the fake FBI Your computer has been locked notice. To unlock the computer, fine must be paid (usually 100 – 200 bucks), otherwise you may see jail time if the fine is not paid in time. Read more ›

Quick and Cheap Fixes to Try When Your Computer is in Trouble (Part 1)


It is unavoidable that computer user will encounter various PC errors & problems during the daily use of computer, however, not every problem is complicated as you think, some of them can be fixed easily through some quick fixes, so, if you ever encounter problems in your computer, before taking your machine to the store, try the below few quick fixes which might help you fix the problem, well, if you are lucky enough:) Read more ›