Windows 8 innovations – Reasons to Update Your Computer to Windows 8 (Part 1)
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Windows 8 is definitely one of the biggest technology innovation in 2012, it is the newest Windows operation developed by Microsoft, it has already been released a few months ago, however, though there are plenty of news and introduction made by the media, many computer users are still not very familiar with the concept of Windows 8 and not very sure to upgrade their computer system. Well, if you are looking for reasons to do so, read this article you may find some.

The innovation of Start Screen

We know that in previous Windows operation, we open program and games by going to Start menu. Now this pattern is completely changed in Windows 8, it is replaced with a horizontal screen and all the applications are shown as tiles, which is much more intuitional and straightforward, with only one click you can access to the application you want immediately, meanwhile, Windows 8 Start Screen is also touchable in touch-supported device like the tablet computer of “Surface” by Microsoft, which makes Windows operation even more convenient

Split Screen

The older version of Windows OS does not support viewing two application / task on the screen at the same time, if you are handling two or multiple task at work, this can be inconvenient as you are unable to keep focus on both tasks equally, while Windows 8 made this idea possible, the Snap apps feature of Windows 8 allows users to view two applications at the same time, one displayed in the right side and one on the right, you can change the size of the display window of two apps easily to meet your need by sliding the screen.

Picture as Password

In previous OS, we setup passwords for Windows login or unlocking, however, passwords is crackable by hackers even you think the combination is complex, well, now Windows 8 provides you an alternative solution to lock and unlocking your computer with picture as password, after you setup the picture password, in order to login the system, you’ll need to touch the given picture in a specific direction or sequence. This picture password is much safer as it is hard to be cracked than pure word passwords.

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