Will Twitch become another promising business for Amazon?
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Backchannel reported that Twitch which was acquired by Amazon made surprised transactions recently. At present, Twitch is helping Amazon to take the lead of Google, Facebook and other giants.

Twitch live broadcasts in 2015 had been viewed for 459,000 years, most of them were game broadcasting. This figure is equal to the whole life of 5,800 people who interacted with games.

Twitch was the leader when Amazon jus acquired it. In the past 20 months, American tech giants also started developing live broadcast, specially in game streaming broadcast.Google YouTube and Facebook Live are its strong competitors.

Twitch is now exploring other industries besides games. The acquisition of Twitch was considered as over-priced. It turned out that game live streaming business becomes an important part where tech giants compete for.

Two years ago, Twitch nearly joined YouTube. Variety reported in August, 2014 that YouTube discussed about the acquisition of Twitch for $1 billion.

The deal sounded reasonable as Twitch obtained a great amount of fans for live streaming and focused on broadcasting professional game contest. However, YouTube and Twitch did not come to an agreement. Amazon then acquired Twitch for $970 million cash.

Its monthly visitor volume has been getting close to triple since Amazon acquired Twitch. Its anchors increased by a lot as well. So far, Twitch has about 100 million visitor volume each month and over 1.7 million anchors.

According to the data of Newzoo, Twitch audience of live streaming is much fewer than YouTube’s. However, Twitch’s audience spent much more time to view the live streaming, with an average time of 7 hours each month.

The audience interactions on Twitch will contribute to more game revenue. Twitch data scientist claimed that some game revenue increased by 25% becauseĀ of live streaming.

Amazon is taking measure to attract Twitch fans to develop other services and products. It released Lumberyard in February to help developers to integrate Twitch service when they create new games. It planned to broadcast three original trailers on Twitch on August 31st to attract Twitch audience to use Amazon Prime service.

There are more and more players accepting live streaming now. Twitch plans to reach the initiate goal of founder made.

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