Zuckberg: Can’t understand why judge Facebook’s Free Basics Services
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Facebook is planning to provide limited Internet service for free in India, but the service is doubted by many critics. Therefore, Mark Zuckberg, the founder of Facebook, particularly wrote an article for the comparison between services of Facebook and those of Libraries and hospitals. And the article was published on the Times of India.

Zuckberg wrote in the article that llthough libraries can’t provide all the books for people to read and hospital can’t heal every illness in the world, they still offer the world of good; And free Internet services like Free Basics only provide limited sites for visit (the third party can apply, but Facebook would be doing control), yet the basic public services are within their ability. 

Critics think that Facebook’s Free Basic will break the principles of net neutrality. During last week the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India even requested the Reliance Communications, the partner of Facebook in India, to suspend the visit to Free Basics.

According to the WSJ (Wall Street Journal), the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India would also want to consider the legitimacy of Free Basics and other similar services. In the meanwhile Facebook is making efforts to publicize their services, even published ads on the whole page of Times of India.

“Very weird, their criticism in the past one year,” Said in the article of Mark Zuckberg, he expressed that he is confused about that criticism, “Those critics don’t want people to enjoy basic Internet services for free. They’re spreading the misleading opinions, even that will sacrifice the interests of 1 billion people.”

The critics insisted that services like Free Basics will not only violate the principles of net neutrality, but also kill the creativity. It just strengthen the impression of Facebook in India. Organizations like Indian free software activity successively sent their objections against Free Basics, saying Facebook is misleading users, and only ads would be added to this service.

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