Why Do People Like Shopping?
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According to research, over 75% customers make a decision in 15 seconds when they are in the market. When you are looking at something you like in market and then find it necessary to you, and you may decide to buy it in a few second, however, in most of time you find you don’t need it at all after you go home. In fact, this behavior can be categorized as impulsive consumption. A scientific research indicates that impulsive consumption results from men’s brain structure.

Science Shows Shopping Can Make Happy

When we experience something fresh and exciting or challenging lie shopping, our brain will secrete dopamine. More and more researches about brain illustrate that shopping can stimulate the major part of brain to change our feelings and make people feel relaxing and happy, which means that when people see something they like, brain will secrete lots of dopamine. That’s the reason dopamine can explain why a man bought a pair of shoes but he never wear them. Dopamine is like a propellant that is able to strengthen your shopping desire and its concentration declines after you finish shopping.

The latest study of neuronic economy on impulsive consumption thinks that dopamine is not the only reason which explains why people like shopping. One of study from Duke University expose that some people are likely to be shopaholic because they can’t judge the value of the commerce reasonably. Through the analysis on brain structure, emotion controlling and value judge come from the same part in brain, so you are not blamed to the uncontrolled shopping on unvaluable things for you can’t help doing it. Scientists name after this study “neuronic economy”. Through CT scanning on brain, the part controlling emotion and value judging is in the prefrontal cortex of forehead in the central, which is exactly between eyes directing to brain. If people has strong shopping desire when valuing on a commodity, it will interfere the area to make right decision and then forcing people to buy the commodity of less value but high price.

Why Are Women Easy to Produce Impulsive Consumption Compared with Man?

Compared with male, female seem easy to buy luxury commodities on an impulse. An Japanese institution specializing on the study of consumers’ ideology gives the statistics that female’s impulsive consumption reaches to 34.5%. In other words, there is one impulsive consumer in every 3 women. And why women are more unreasonable than men in shopping? British scientists give us reasons.

After interviewing about 450 female between 18 and 50 on the web, researchers of University of Hertfordshire find that women’s consumption is related to physiological cycle. Researchers discovered that the peak of women’s impulsive consumption centered on the tensive period before physiological cycle. Scientists state that the hormonal change during physiological cycle is easier to generate bad feelings such as depress, pressure and anger. They feel more depressed than ever and then choose to buy something to make them happy and regulate their bad feelings. As for most of women, shopping has become an emotional habit. What they need is not the commodity itself but the excitement of shopping.

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