What to do when getting Error 1402?
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I believe some computer users may familiar with Error 1402, the detailed error message is: Error 1402 Could Not Open Key, this error usually show up when you are trying to install or uninstall the Microsoft office program on the computer, after getting this error, you will not be able to continue the installation or any other change action. But take it easy, there are solution available to help you cease the error in your Windows 98, XP or other millennium edition. For other common Windows error troubleshooting you can refer to this error Wikipedia .

Below are the steps that would show you how to fix the problem of “Error 1402 Could Not Open Key”

  • If you are running a Windows XP or 89 computer, you need to remove the windows 2000 CD-ROM from its drive before conducting registry repair.
  • Restart your computer for once.
  • Click the Windows Start button, click Run in the start menu that appear.
  • In the Run commend box, type in scanreg/fix and press the Enter key, this will bring up the Registry Checker tool.
  • Press Enter again and the Registry tool will start to scan and fix the found issues in Registry.

The above solution won’t 100% work in different computer configuration, the best solution that guarantee to fix Error 1402 is using professional computer registry cleaner tool. Not only it will help you cease the Error 1402, it will also dig out whatever potential problem inside your computer, and fix them all by a few seconds, moreover, it speeds up your PC dramatically.

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