Uninstalling SyncToy from your computer
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First, we must figure out what SyncToy is. SyncToy is a folder synchronization software launched by Microsoft. Version 2.1for XP systems has came out, when we use this program for the first time we may not know its exact usage, I carefully studied in its synchronized ways, there are three kinds of ways, as long as we understand this 3 ways, we can better use this program.

SyncToy has no scheduled tasks, if you need to perform timing functions you need to call the Windows “Task Scheduler” to complete, the way is:
Control Panel >> Scheduled Tasks >> Add Scheduled Task. Set a time, just select a program first, after the setting was complete, modify “Run” in the advanced properties, the content is “C: \ Program Files \ SyncToy 2.1 \ SyncToyCmd. exe “-R Folder Pairs Name, where” Folder Pairs Name “is the name of the synchronization task of Sync Toy,” starting at “content is:” C: \ Program Files \ SyncToy 2.1 “. Thus we complete the set-up of a task plan.
Of course, if you do not need to perform timing synchronization, this step can be ignored, you can perform it manually in Sync Toy.

Uninstall mistakes:
The wrong way to uninstall Sync Toy is to locate its folder, right-click it and select “Delete”, while quite a number of people are still doing this.

Proper uninstallation methods:
Here I use Windows 7 system as an example as Windows 7 still the most popular operation system.
1.Click on Start at the bottom left of the screen
2.Select Control Panel → Uninstall a program link.
3.Search for SyncToy in the list, right-click it and select Uninstall.
4.Follow the instruction to finish the removal.
5.Restart your computer.
6. Use a reliable third-party software to completely remove the leftovers of SyncToy.

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