Uninstall AVG 2013 Tutorial
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Here is the tutorial to teach how to completely uninstall AVG 2013 program and its bundled product of AVG Security Toolbar from your computer, same steps applied to AVG 2012 as well. You need to also aware that, after performing the removal, your computer will be exposed to online threats, we suggest you to download and install another trusted security software immediately to prevent virus/malware infection. Anyway, let’s get it started.

  • Before the removal started, turn off the AVG 2013 program, save all your data.
  • Access to the build-in uninstaller through Start > Control Panel > Uninstall a program (if you are running Windows XP system, click the Add/Remove program)


  • Select AVG 2013 in the program list, the you can launch the uninstall option by clicking the Uninstall option. For Windows XP users, click the Remove/Uninstall button behind the program name to activate the uninstaller. In the pop-up uninstall wizard, click the last one of “Uninstall AVG”.


  • You will see two options as below:

Please, keep me protected with AVG Security Toolbar and LinkScanner (recommended)“.
Keep my current search provider settings.“.
In order to completely uninstall AVG 2013, please ignore both options and click Next button.


  • Select both of the following options and Click Next button again.


  • Select the option of “Active Windows Firewall” and click Next button.


  • This is a Uninstall survey, you can complete this survey by answering a few question and then click Next to start the removal. Or you can skip it by clicking the Next button directly.


  • Wait a few seconds (could be a minute) to allow the uninstaller finish the uninstall process.


  • After the removal finished, close the “We’re sorry to see you go” page.


  • Click Restart Now button to reboot your computer and finish the uninstall process.


  • After the reboot, open your web browser to restore the Search Providers. Go to the “manage add-on” window and remove the AVG Secure Search from the table, then save and close the window.
  • Access to the Windows search function and use it to search the keyword “AVG” in your computer, delete all the found files and folders. Then go to Start menu and open registry editor, remove the leftover entries of AVG manually. (note: this step is for advanced Windows users who is experienced in registry edition)




  • Now AVG 2013 should have been completely uninstalled from your computer. If you encounter any uninstall problems/errors during the process, you can use third – party uninstall tool to help you automatically Uninstall AVG 2013 within clicks.

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