Tips to Use Google Search in the Right and Efficient Way
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If you want to use Google search in a more efficient way, you need to understand the pattern of how it works and also know how to sort out the right information you need. Google is so sophisticated, it could bring you thousands of web pages for each of your search action, so how can we pick out the only one or two website out of such massive result that solve your problem or answer your question? Here are a few tips of mine I would like to share with you guys.

  1. If you want to search for information that helps you fix a particular PC error, considering that you might not know the buzz word of that error, and everybody describes the error in different ways, instead of racking your brains to find a proper keyword description, you can type in exactly the error message in the search field and hit the search button, this could help you to find out the closest information more easily. Usually by using this method, you will get a list of websites that has the error description, solutions or workaround, no matter they are articles or just a online discussions, the information there should be very useful to you.
  2. Use a specific keyword to conduct your first search, and then make it even more specific each time to expand the search. For example, the first time you search “Windows error 800f0902”, and you got too many results, you can add more description in the keyword you used, like add the Windows version, problematic program name, etc, and then do the search again, this will likely help you find out closer information.
  3. Make sure there is no spelling error in the keywords you used. Although google has built-in spell checker that can rectify your misspelling words in a certain degree, it can not catch everything, sometimes a single spelling problem can lead to a completely different result.
  4. Use the acronym of FAQ (which means Frequently Asked Questions) as part of your keywords, and then do a search, by doing so, you might probably find some website that contains FAQ section which has description and solutions for the problem/error on your computer.
  5. After you conduct a search action in google, the result you get is sorted by by relevance, the solutions at the top of the result might not be the most recent one, and some of the information could be obsolete thus useless to you, for situations like that, you can have the result re-sorted by date to find the newest information, this little search technique could bring big help for some particular situation. You can click Search Tools button at the result page, click “Any time”, in the appeared menu, select the time limit you want, or click the ‘custom page’ option to Custom date range specifically and then hit ‘GO’, then the most recent information will show up on top.
  6. If you receive suspect Email from unknown person or source, and not sure whether the Email is safe to open, then google is a good helper to help you determine the safety, simply copy the subject line of that Email and use google search for it, you will most likely get websites from the search result where there people have already discussed or defined the Email content.
  7. One last rule, don’t give up easily. Remember the internet world is even bigger than we can imagine, you can’t expect finding the right information you want just by one single search every time. If first search result didn’t work that well, keep polishing the keyword you used by adding or subtracting words or description, just spend a few more minutes and give it more shot, you will find the info you want eventually.

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