Tips on Maintaining Computer Hardware Properly
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Computer is the kind of thing that, the better you treat it, the better and longer it will serve you. How to maintain the computer in a good shape is really an important task for every users. if you want to extend the life of your computer hardware, there are actually many things you can do, by doing these necessary maintenance, your computer will definitely have a longer life.

First, which is also the basic maintenance step – clean up your machine dust regularly. No matter how tidy your house/office is, it is inevitable your computer gather dust after a period of time and stuck the hardware components and vents, these will bring potential dangerous to the machine. It is suggest to dust out the computer once a month to keep it clean, well, remember to cut off the power first.

Secondly, cool off your computer. After a few hours running, your computer temperature might increase, especially when you play large-scale 3D games, computer temperature will increase dramatically, heat can bring damage to computer hardware, so you need to take necessary action to make sure your computer stay cool, beside dusting computer, you can also get a cooler pad for your laptop, for a desktop, make sure not to push the console against the wall completely, and turn on the air conditioner if necessary.

Third, shut down the computer properly. If the computer is shut down improperly, not only it would affect the system files, also hardware will be damaged, improper shut down may not cause you problems overnight, however, if such mistaken operation is done too many times, the hardware will wear down muck quicker then you think, and will eventually malfunction the computer. So, it is wise to develop a good habit of turn off your computer properly.

Last but not least, careful about computer transport. If your family decide to make a move, or you just change the office, and you need to move your computer as well, make sure to get a proper bag or anything else that fit your desktop/laptop to prevent impact during the transportation.

Well the above are a few tips I would like to share with you guys, these tips may look simple but it does solid help if you can bear them in mind.

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