The status of Vine after being acquired by Twitter
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Vine, the video sharing app, was acquired by Twitter four years ago. Does it develop well after the acquisition? Let’s learn more about this current status.

So far, the development of Vine seems far from satisfying. Nearly all of Vine’s product and business managers quit their jobs. A large number of Vine senior managers left in past four months, especially in past few weeks.┬áVine is still an important strategy of Twitter business though Vine has been struggling for innovation.

Those senior managers resigned when Hannah Donovan was appointed as new manager. Donovan was appointed in March and took office not until in May.

Twitter spokesman made announcement to Recode and claimed that Vine is still an important part of its strategies. The announcement suggested Twitter will improve its core service, and focus on the development of top five business sections. In the meanwhile, Twitter will recruit more talents.

The user share of Vine has been declining recently. Some of users were attracted to Vine’s rivals such as Instagram, YouTube and Snapchat. Although Vine remains a small amount of loyalty users, yet its business seems to be stuck.

App Annie reported that Vine was ranked in top 100 free iPhone app among 10 countries and regions one year ago. However, Vine only ranks in Grenada list. It is out of top 150 in iOS app store in US, while it drops out top 300 in Android app store.

ComScore revealed that Vine still obtained 24 million users in American market by May. It dropped from 30 million of 2015 while the user growth of Snapchat has been increasing since last May.

How far will Vine go, it is unknown yet. It is said that Twitter will further integrate its top three video business, that is, Vine, Periscope and
Twitter video.

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