Swagbucks Toolbar removal – How to perfectly remove Swagbucks Toolbar
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Swagbucks Toolbar is a program that change your browser settings like homepage and search engine, this program can earn one Swag Buck each day if it can lure an IP to its website, so it is bundled with many freeware and offer download in various website. So it is no wonder your search enquiry keep being redirected to swagbucks.com. And beside changing website settings, Swagbucks Toolbar also collects information like user behaviors for malicious purposes.

Many users found it hard to get away with. They thought they clearly completed the whole removal process, why is it still there? Because clearly they didn’t do it right. It won’t work if you drag the folder to Recycle Bin or simply finish the Control Panel part of uninstall. Don’t forget you need to restore your preferred browser setting.

Here I’m introducing a more effective and safe solution to remove Swagbucks Toolbar, by using Max Uninstaller, you will be able to remove this malware completely with ease. Simply run the program, select it in the program list, click the Run analysis button, and then the program will take care of the removal automatically, you can also visit Max Uninstaller official blog for detailed step-by-step guide.

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