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“Salmon is a popular food. Classified as an oily fish,[81] salmon is considered to be healthful due to the fish’s high protein, high omega-3 fatty acids, and high vitamin D[82] content.

Salmon flesh is generally orange to red, although white-fleshed wild salmon occurs. The natural colour of salmon results from carotenoid pigments, largely astaxanthin, but also canthaxanthin, in the flesh.[86] Wild salmon get these carotenoids from eating krill and other tiny shellfish.”

-From wikipedia

Whole poached and dressed salmon

Whole poached and dressed salmon


Salmon jungle curry                                                              Salmon fishcakes
Salmon jungle curry     Salmon fishcakes


Salmon & mushrooms and bok choy                                Roasted salmon with Swiss chard and herb butter
Salmon with mushrooms and bok choy     Roasted salmon with Swiss chard


Salmon en papillote                                                                Salmon rillettes
Salmon en papillote     Salmon rillettes


Rich smoked salmon croustades                                      Asian cucumber salad with smoked salmon
Rich smoked salmon croustades     Asian cucumber salad with smoked


Salmon coulibiac
Salmon coulibiac

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