Reasons to Update Your Computer to Windows 8 (Part 2)
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Let’s continue with the topic in last post, beside the The innovation of Start Screen, the convenient Split Screen, the safer Picture Password, here are two more Windows features I would like to introduce.

Better and Smarter System Recovery

System crash or corrupt is a terrible problems for any computer users, however, if you ever encounter such accident in Windows 8, this new OS offers you two options – Refresh the system or reset it. Either way can help you fix the system corruption problem.

Refresh system means to reinstall the entire Windows8, but all your personal data and computer setting will be retained as they are kept in a specific partition on the hard drive and will not involved in the refresh action. After the refresh is done, you will get a fresh copy of the system, all the data and software you installed stays the same. While the Reset option allows you to roll the system back to the state it was installed, just like to reset your iPhone’s OS to factory settings, this means all your personal data and computer settings, software you installed will be completely wiped out and you will eventually get a completely clean system.

Cloud-Base Online Storage

Windows 8 also offers users a service named SkyDrive, which is a cloud based storage allows you to upload and store your personal data like documents, files, pictures, and more on your SkyDrive account, any data you stored in it can be shared across network, which means you will be able to access to your data anytime and anywhere you want, as along as you got an internet-connected computer. You can also access to SkyDrive with Windows enabled phone too

Windows 8 has more innovations to offer, in my posts I just listed a few for your references. What I’m trying to say is that, from all the news there is no difficulty to see that Windows 8 is definitely the trend nowadays and will certainly replace the older Windows OS in the near future, for me, I installed Windows 8 a month ago and I really like this OS, it is much more convenient, faster, and most important, I like the innovation features and brand new feeling Windows 8 gives me, I bet you would like it as well, of course you need to adapt to it first 🙂

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