Quick and Cheap Fixes to Try When Your Computer is in Trouble (Part 2)
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Scan and remove malware

Malware is short for malicious software, which is a typical computer threat designed by the hacker to invade personal computer to damage the system and collect & steal information. Malware usually hides in sneaky Web sites and claim themselves as useful or reputable free program, so some of the people download and install them unwittingly. Malware is often the reason that cause various system errors and performance issue. Another problem of malware program is that, they usually comes no uninstall option so that you can not uninstall them by using normal means, well that’s why you need a malware removal programs. Microsoft Security Essentials is a free program offered by Microsoft, it is able to prevent malware from installing in your system, also it can remove detected malware inside your computer. You can visit Microsoft website here to download it.

Avoid and remove virus infections

This is actually a tips more than a quick fix, considering that virus is the NO.1 dangerous issue for the computer, you should know the solutions to remove it or ways to avoid been infected.

virus usually spreads through website downloads, ads, and Email system, most of them time you can avoid them by following these rules: Don’t visit websites that appears to be harmful, don’t click on any ads, don’t open Emails and attachments from unknown source, don’t download freeware from low reputation website.

If your computer is experiencing strange errors and problems, and you suspect it is caused by virus infection, quickly run a full scan with a antivirus program you installed, and then remove any detected things to avoid further damage.

Use system restore feature

Run System RestoreSystem Restore is a excellent tool provided by Microsoft, it is available since the Windows XP system was release, you can find it in the next Windows system including Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8. This tool can save much of your time and money when your computer is in trouble, for detailed instruction of how to us System Restore, please refer to this website.

Check for hardware overheat

No one likes to work in a weather which is too hot, computer is no exception. There are times computer problems show up simply because your machine is overheat. You can go check on fan’s round grill on the back of the computer, if there are too much dust, use a vacuum cleaner or simply a rag to clean it. Secondly, check the vent in your computer console to see if it is stucked by dust or

Run Check Disk utility

Beside the System Restore tool mentioned above, there is another great tool that comes with Windows to help you troubleshoot some of the PC problems – Check Disk. This tool is capable to detect disk – related error and faults, and then repair them immediately. Click here to get tutorial of how to use Check Disk utility

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