Quick and Cheap Fixes to Try When Your Computer is in Trouble (Part 1)
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It is unavoidable that computer user will encounter various PC errors & problems during the daily use of computer, however, not every problem is complicated as you think, some of them can be fixed easily through some quick fixes, so, if you ever encounter problems in your computer, before taking your machine to the store, try the below few quick fixes which might help you fix the problem, well, if you are lucky enough:)

Check hardware plug in status

Believe it or not, unplugged equipment is usually the main cause of component malfunction problem, it is no surprise a stretch of your leg can inadvertently loosen the cord from the wall, so once you encounter computer problems, it is suggested to check the power cord or cable to see if they are well and tightly plugged in your computer’s ports.

Reboot your machine

Most people always ignore something that worth trying when encountering a computer problem, that is restart computer. Sometimes computer errors/problems are just caused by Windows mis-configuration, the computer drifts off into idle status, before going any further, you can first try to press the Esc button, or press Alt + F4 to see if it can weak up the computer, if it fail to work, turn off all the unnecessary program and shut down your computer, turn it back on after half a minute.

Install or update computer components’ driver

If you suspect the problem was caused by a component of your computer (sometimes you can tell in the error messages), you can try to install a new driver for the component or update the exist version which may stop the error for you. Keep in mind that Driver is a very important part of your computer, it acts like a translators between your computer system and the hardware in it, whether the translators is good defines whether your computer can function better. By installing a better or newer driver for your video card can fix the irregularities problems of your screen; a better sound card driver can probably smoothen the music play with lesser noise.

Search the error message by using search engines

There are so many computer error messages even geeks can not recognize them all, so when you see a error message pop-up and you have no idea what’s going on, take it easy, just write down the error message (you can copy and paste it to a notepad file), then use search engines like google.com to search for it, when typing the error message, make sure to put it in quotes. (You can click here to read my previous post of how to use Search Engines effectively). Surprise, surprise! you are not along. From the search result, you can see that many people had experienced the same problem as you do, they posted the error in the forum or PC troubleshooting websites and bagging for answer, if you are lucky enough, by spending a few minutes you’ll find the websites contain the solutions to fix the error.

A few computer troubleshooting websites I recommend

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