Nokia announced OZO pioneer program, offering $15,000 discount for participants
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Among the 360°view video equipments, Nokia OZO has been highly concerned. Nokia offered pre-orders since last December, pricing at $60,000.

However, many of people have little information about OZO. They doubt whether its photography technology is worthy of paying so much money. They have no encourage to make a risk.

Lately, Nokia announced the Pioneer Program for OZO. The public soon will know how the OZO photography technology work then.

The Pioneer Program normally indicates the participated VR studios that use OZO to create one minute video to display the potentiality of OZO. Nokia offers chance for the participants to join Nokia team and share their experience with other teams for making VR content if they make excellent work. The participants will enjoy 15,000 discount if they buy OZO.

The VR technology will be the next trend for telling stories. The design of OZO is to provide a new creatvie solution for professional content developers so that they could better experience the VR technology.

Paul Melin said Nokia wants to promote the creation of content, dispaly the endless possibilities of VR technology and advantages of making VR content by OZO. The final goal of Pioneer Program is to make full use of developers’ creativity.

The pre-order OZO Pioneer Program will be expired on 30th April. In order to enhance the compatibility of apps for OZO content, Nokia once announced it would team up with Foundry and Deluxe.

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