Microsoft launched Bing Development Assistant
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Microsoft in August 19 released a new plug named Bing Developer Assistant for Visual Studio,the plug-in can be used for Visual Studio 2012 and Visual Studio 2013, as well as can help developers find code snippets and examples directly in the IDE. The plug-in also provides intelligent sensing function (with the current API automatically displays code) and a function key to access the sample code in the sample browser.

Ready to say, Bing development assistant is actually a combination of two Visual Studio extension (Sample Browser and Bing Code Search). The reason for this combination, is majorly developers tell Microsoft that they want a more efficient product search experience that allows them not only to quickly find sample code in Visual Studio, but can also pull relevant fragments into their project. In order to favors these developers, Microsoft has made this Bing Development Assistant plug-ins.

It should be noted that the plug-in provides intelligent sensing functions: when encoding, the relevant section of code (currently only available in C #) will be combined with your current API IntelliSense automatically displayed in the window. You can copy the code, click on the URL to see where the source code segments come from, or click on “More search” to find more examples associated with API code.

Sample Browser window provides one key to access the sample code function. As long as your programming are using the Visual Studio toolbar at the beginning, you can use code snippets and sample code project (complete Visual Studio presentation solutions, you can download, compile and run).

In addition, the plug-in also provides a very handy feature: offline search. In short, even in case of disconnection of the Internet, you can still search and download the code sample in the local project, which also includes IntelliSense, sample browser and other functions.

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