Microsoft adjusted the Board: Visa CEO added, bonus increased by about 10%
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After Nadella in charge of Microsoft, he is bringing more and more variations to Microsoft. September 16, Microsoft announced the new appointment of two new directors, the two were from two two traditional industries Visa and Kraft Foods, the board of directors in Microsoft also announced that they will increase about one percent shareholder dividends.

Microsoft announced that Executive Vice President and CFO of Kraft Foods Group Stohl and CEO of Visa’s CharlesW. Scharf, they will served as members of the board of directors from October 1 this year.

Microsoft also announced that after the expiration, there are two incumbent directors will not seek re-election any longer, they are DaveMarquardt and DinaDublon, two term of office will end after Microsoft’s annual shareholder meeting in December.

Microsoft’s board also announced that it will increase the shareholders dividend in the fourth quarter, quarterly dividend will increase to 31 cents per share, compared with a quarter it raised 3 cents. Shareholders record date to receive dividends is November 20 this year.

Microsoft Chief Financial Officer AmyHood said that Microsoft is currently undergoing a restructuring, the Board is also considering various capital options, this increase of shareholder dividends, is also a measure to return capital to shareholders.

According to reports, the size of Microsoft’s current cash holdings is more than 56 billion U.S. dollars, and even more stunning in cash accumulated in overseas markets, many analysts already pointed out that Microsoft should use the cash to buy back stock, to enhance Microsoft shares, or simply improve shareholder dividends to return capital to shareholders.

The two new board members who joined Microsoft are both from traditional industries, what Nadella and the board of directors in Microsoft will consider, is still unknown.

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