MAX Uninstaller – Uninstall Any App And Speed Up Your PC
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Max Uninstaller is a great tool that rids your computer of any programs unneeded. whether you have a brand new PC or a system that have been around for several years, there must be a number of applications that you need to remove. In this case, Max Uninstaller helps you easily uninstall the applications that weren’t completely removed during uninstalls.

Max Uninstaller offers two way to remove files from your computer. One is the regular uninstall feature that works much faster than Windows control panel. Another is the force uninstall tool that lets you specify the file path of the program you want to uninstall.

There are hosts of software you gather from downloading and installing. Max Uninstaller not only removes these programs, but it lets you get rid of the leftovers.

Specifications of Max Uninstaller

Total removal
Max Uninstaller uses intelligent uninstall to achieve maximum results, removing all aspects of software such as unneeded files or folders on a disk, registry entries, or files that no longer serve a purpose because the related application was moved or uninstalled. The main function of Max Uninstaller is the complete removing of applications from your computer.

Optimize your computer
Max Uninstaller helps your PC run at its full speed by taking good care of the Windows registry. It also helps you free disk space by detecting and removing unnecessary files and helping you turn on the Windows file compression if needed.

Plug-in Cleaner
Max Uninstaller also provides a special toolkit to remove lots of annoying plugins, toolbars and browser hijackers that other cleaning tools don’t detect and remove.

Uninstall any corrupted programs
The most popular part of Max Uninstaller is: It allows you to completely uninstall unnecessary applications from your system faster than the Windows default control panel.

Easy to Use
No expert knowledge required, Max Uninstaller is one of the few programs that introduces an convenient uninstall wizard. This wizard allows you to completely remove unwanted software without worrying about the incomplete cleaning of your hard disk. Max Uninstaller can removes junk files and makes a backup of everything before you begin the uninstall process. It can do the job well.

Max Uninstaller Pros

In general, Max Uninstall works as it advertise. There is a lot of recommendations about Max Uninstaller. It enables you to completely uninstall any program without leaving leftover files or registry entries behind. When you choose to uninstall an application, Max Uninstaller first launches the standard Uninstaller (that came with the application) and then performs a quick scan to search for leftover files, folders or registry entries. If any are found, it presents you with a list and allows you to delete them all. The program can also try to repair broken uninstall entries, force removal of stubborn applications and remove invalid uninstall entries.

Full uninstall function
Max Uninstaller software efficiently removes any unwanted and excessive files left on your computer. The normal uninstall function allows users to directly uninstall programs from the display name list, which is very simple but thorough to uninstall the program that need to be removed.

Force uninstall
Another benefit offered by Max Uninstaller is the ability to uninstall or remove stubborn programs or applications that refuse to be completely removed by your Windows default uninstall tool. There is also another interesting feature that allows you to remove residual files that are retained in your system even after uninstalling applications with the help of Windows uninstaller.

Lot many times it happens that the standard Control Panel’s ADD/Remove Programs applet fails to perform its task properly but most of the time it works in quiet good manner for removing most of the software’s installed by the user. Even if the program is already uninstalled, there are leftovers behind which stays invisibly on in the users ADD/Remove Programs list. Max Uninstaller can easily resolved the problem by force uninstall feature that helps the users in removing any unwanted stray program present in the ADD/Remove Programs list. Also, Max Uninstaller promises to be easy to use, simple to implement, and efficient in its task executions.


I think Max Uninstaller is a perfect choice to uninstall programs. If you’ve ever wanted to thoroughly uninstall any program from your computer then you need to check Max Uninstaller. This software will work on any Windows system, from XP to 8, and will uninstall programs, find and uninstall “installation leftovers” at once. And Microsoft should think about implementing some of these options into their operating system. This tool is not going to mess with the standard Windows uninstall option and it seems to be a lot more efficient. I honestly can’t see any downsides to this software and I recommend you check it out yourself.

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