K7 Total Security Uninstall Tutorial
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K7 Total Security is a comprehensive system security tool that block and remove kinds of internet threats including spyware, virus, malware, adware, trojans and more to prevent your computer from becoming victim of cyber crime. However this program does not work that well as it advertised, there are many users complains about its ineffectiveness about deleting some of the popular online threat, here is the review from one of the K7 Total Security users in download.cnet.com.


Well, if K7 Total Security does not meet your expectation, there is no reason to keep it around your computer, before you try out other security software, you should first uninstall K7 Total Security to prevent program conflict. Here is how:

  • First close K7 Total Security, make sure it is not running in the background.
  • Now click Windows button (Stat button) and click Control Panel.
  • Click Uninstall a program link (or Add/Remove program in Windows XP)
  • Highlight K7 Total Security in the program list.
  • Click Uninstall option (Or Remove button in Windows XP)
  • Follow the instruction in the pop-up wizard to proceed the removal.
  • Reboot the computer manually once the removal finished.

If the Windows default uninstaller failed to work on uninstalling K7 Total Security, you can do it manually by using the below steps:

  • Close K7 Total Security if it is running.
  • Open My Computer and navigate to the drive you installed K7 Total Security.
  • Delete the installation folder.
  • Now go to Start > All Program.
  • Delete K7 Total Security from the all program menu.
  • Go to Start > Search.
  • Search the keyword of K7 Total Security.
  • Delete all the found files/folders.
  • Open Registry Editor from Start > Run
  • Navigate the Registry Editor to find out all the entry folder related to K7 Total Security program and delete them all.

If you still having trouble with uninstalling K7 Total Security, try out special designed uninstaller software which would most likely help you out.

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