How to Use Search Engine to Search For Information You Need
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How we gonna do if our computer ran into errors/problems? I bet you don’t want to take your computer to the store every time, however, if you mastered how to find help through search engines, most of the time you can fix PC problems on your own. This is just a simple example, with the search engines, you can find pretty much every types of information for your life, study, work, and more. Here I’ll show you how to use search engines to search information you need.

Search information through search engines

Among all the search engines, Google is no doubt the best one for information searching, google has the most sophisticated search technology, its search robots can scour billions of website across the Internet within seconds, it can index all the words it found, and allows people to search the results for free. When I want to look for computer fixing information, I always begin my search on Google, google allows you to search things by using words and phrases, or you can combine them into sentence which can describe the PC problem you encountered, the most important skill is knowing which exact words, phrases or combination is should be use, we can call it keywords.

You can spend a moment to decide which combination of words and phrases to use to allow Google know exactly which website pages has the information you need, then you can type in your keyword in the search field.


You can see that google has two buttons which are ‘Google Search’ and ‘I’m Feeling Lucky’, here I’ll explain the different between the two options. By clicking Google Search button, google will offer you a list of website that contain the keyword you entered, the you can choose to visit the websites it listed out by yourselves, while clicking the I’m Feeling Lucky button, google will help you do the selection and offer you the website that matches your search the most, this button can be time-saver if you think the searched keyword is accurate enough and you are confident that Google knows exactly what you are looking for.

After you click the Google Search button, google will use its patented ranking method to place the closest website that contains your keywords at the top of the list, if the first page does not have the information you need, you can go to the second or third page by using the page navigation at the bottom of the google result page.


At the top of google result page, you can see that there are several other areas including Images, Video, Maps, News, Shopping, and Gmail, by default, google searches only for webs unless you click the other area options and do the search again. By clicking the Image area, google will search for pictures that close to your description, which means the keyword you used, this is a great way to find pictures of obscure CDs or albums, or material images that you want to use to decorate your website. etc.


I believe now you already have a brief understanding about using search engines, next article I’ll share more tips with you to help you use google in a more efficient way.

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