How to Remove Babylon and Babylon Toolbar
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Are you having a hard time removing Babylon? Babylon is a free language translation tool, I once had this program installed in my computer but find it quite hard to be removed completely, luckily I finally figured out how to do so. If you have the same problem as I did, simply refer to the below instruction.

How to remove Babylon

  • Right click on the Babylon icon in the system tray, select Exit. (if your had already turned off the program, skip this step)


  • From Start menu, select Control Panel, and click Add/Remove Program
  • Now select Babylon in the program list.
  • Click the Remove button on the right side.


  • In the pop-up window, click ‘Uninstall – Please uninstall Babylon from my computer‘.


  • Babylon will be removed in a few seconds.
  • Close the appeared website window.


You can also go to Stat > All Program > Babylon > Uninstall, this can also activate the uninstall process.


How to disable/remove Babylon toolbar

If you simply just want to disable Babylon toolbar in IE browser, follow the below instruction.

  • Open your Internet Explorer.
  • Go to Tool menu > Manage add-on..


  • Select the Babylon IE plugin, and then click ‘Disable’ in the settings section.


  • Repeat the above step to diable two other option of “Babylon Toolbar” and “Babylon Toolbar Helper” .
  • Click OK button to confirm the modification.

For FireFox or Google Chrome users, visit this website to get related tutorial of how to disable Babylon toolbar.


If you want to remove Babylon toolbar, do the following:

  • Open Add/Remove program from Control Panel.
  • Select Babylon toolbar and click Remove button.


  • Follow the instruction to proceed the removal.

If you encountered errors or other uninstall problem during the removal, you can also download third part uninstall tool here to help you remove Babylon and Babylon toolbar completely and automatically from your computer.

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