How to Improve Your SEO Strategy and Avoid Being Affected by Google Algorithm Changes
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If you work as a SEO/SEO expert, and you always make changes to your Search Engine Optimization strategy after google release its search algorithm update, and you are making a mistake. We all know that Panda and Penguin update is two major updates of google algorithm, Panda and Penguin update happen two to three times a year, but the fact is, there are more than 500 search engine algorithm updates being released per year, and they will not go public, which means that google actually update to optimize its its algorithms on a daily basis.

Well, having been told by the true, do you still gonna change your search engine optimization strategy everyday? I guess nobody want to and nobody can either, there is no way for you to keep attracting traffic to your site as well as maintain the traffic if you make so many changes. So the wise choose is to understand the purpose of google update, get to know what google want you to do, and then you will be able to develop a long-term SEO/SEM strategy that fits all the google algorithms changes.

Here I’m gonna tell you some facts about google update, just bear them in mind and create your SEO/SEM strategy that works for your website in a long term basis.

Remember that balance is the key point of SEO. You need to make sure to create contents that contain appropriate keyword amount, so that google bots will locate and index your website more easier. On the other hand, you have to make sure the content is well created or written to improve user experience.

Since google is more and more focus on the content quality, if your website content is not worth-reading and you just pile up the keywords hoping google to give you a well ranking, that’s not gonna work at all. So you need to make sure your content is well written and the reader will be happy or satisfy about it, which means to write or create content for the user but not google search engine, and interact with your readers, get people to talk about your content, and your ranking will naturally go up.

Try to introduce variety in the way you communicate with your audience. Stop relying on text alone. Try to have a week where you upload different videos for your audience. You can come up with search engine optimized descriptions for the videos. This will ensure that your audience is happy with interesting and easy to understand content provided in the form of videos. It will also keep search engines happy and will make sure that your rankings remain high.

At last but not least, Be ready to face the mistakes you make while doing SEO, being able to find out and accept the mistake, and improve & polish it continually is the key. Be willing to do experiment to test your idea and theory, and not to be afraid of failure. And that is how you improve your SEO skill and finally increase website ranking.

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