How to Build and Optimize Your Mobile-Friendly Website
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Hoping to grab higher search rankings and win huge authority, website owners do all their skill everyday but not all of them could live up to the expectation well. As we know that website performance could affect the ranking which guide the website builders to attach great importance to the website performance in the present. As well, in order to cope better with the upcoming Mobile-Friendly changes, you’d better learn some techniques to build a Mobile-Friendly website and optimize it perfectly to get well with Google crawler and create an amazing user experience. In this case, we are here to discuss how to make your website mobile-friendly and a better performance for the mobile users.

Easy Steps to Make Your Website Perfectly Mobile-Friendly

1. Evaluate Your Mobile Site Performance

First, you should look in more details of the status of your mobile site and don’t have to worry about lacking of the professional techniques to do the evaluation because there are many useful recourse for you to do it well, and some of them are even free of charge and easy to use. For example, the Google Chrome’s built-in Developer Tools. Of course, you could also have some professionals around, getting together to finish the measurement for the mobile site when it works better.

2. Optimize the Images for Mobile Site

Since images cover a great part of the total page, there are several considerations you should keep in mind when you are doing the image optimization for your mobile site.
1)Image size
We could all consider that downloading large images could be one main factor that slow down the mobile speed. In this way, you should set a size range and optimize the images size for better effect and faster loading speed for the mobile users.

High resolution is not a bad choice for you to do with your images, but sometimes, it might be completely wasted for smaller devices like smartphone or tablet by using images with high pixel. The solution for you is to choose smaller image which could bring the perfect and appropriate experience for the mobile users and avoiding wasting resources.

3) Try not to use GIFs
GIF is a common format and we can see them every day but it is not the favorite for your browser because it could be cumbersome to download/load and drive things crazy for the mobile users. We believe that HTML5 is so familiar and common to you as well so you could use an HTML5 video instead of GIF on your mobile site.

As the upcoming mobile-friendly age could bring a lot of unexpected changes for your websites and user experience, then there are going to be a lot more requirements from the mobile users in the future. There are no absolute solutions to build a perfect mobile site for the users and you have to keep up with the diverse needs. Anyway, you should always pay attention on the considerations on mobile site which you can not ignore for improving your the performance. If you need to know more information about mobile site performance or solutions to make it better, feel free to find out the answer at

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