How Does Google Algorithms Changes Affect Your Websites
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If you are doing business through the internet by using website to promote or sell your product, the recent search engine changes may bring you affection. Since the year of 2011, the biggest search engine – Google start to change its algorithms, do you know what change did google make and how does them affect your website?

The first algorithms change happened in January of 2011 which was called ‘Farmer’. Google announced that it will change the parameters of how content rank in the search result, this algorithms change was made to deal with websites who contains too much poor quality content & pages but still appear in the top of the search result, there is a specific name for such website which is content farms, these websites post low and repetitive qualities and trying to rank massive keywords in a very short period. Don’t worry, they had already been punished severely.

The second change hit the internet at the date of April 2011 which called Panda. The Panda update of Google punish even more content farm website and significantly change the ranking of google search result.

During this shakeup, Amit Singhal, the head of Google posted a blog that introduce the google algorithms changes that already happened and explained how they affects website’s ranking in the search result. Although google did not release any details of how the algorithms work, but it did release a guidance informing people how to correctly optimize and rank their website in Google.

  • Are there articles on the same topic listed on the site, only reworded to sound different ?
  • Does the content on the site offer comprehensive advice or help?
  • Ask yourself if you trust the information that is listed on the site or within the article itself ?
  • Could you give credit card information to a website of this calibre ?
  • Is the site or article written by an expert or enthusiast that knows the topic or subject ?
  • Are there any spelling or fact errors in the websites?

This guidance gave people direction and understanding on how to improve their website in the future under google’s algorithms changes. Normally, if your website has quality and comprehensive contents, and does not involve in any black hat SEO tactics, the google update would only benefit you instead bringing negative affect.

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